• Our Solution.

    accuRx helps eliminate inappropriate antibiotic use in primary care.


    We provide smart guideline nudges into the workflow, provide patient-facing tools for self-management, and use data to provide empirical decision support.


    Decision Support

    Decision support providing patient-specific local and national prescribing guidelines, integrated in the EMIS workflow.


    SNOMED-coded notes are automatically generated and patients receive personalised advice via SMS and a printout.


    As well as reducing inappropriate prescribing, this helps practices save time, shift their skill mix and improve patient experience.


    Remote Management

    accuRx offers an active management tool that patients engage with via SMS.


    This offers practitioners an alternative to prescribing antibiotics for minor ailments, with a safety net for patients who deteriorate.


    'Smart' delayed prescriptions can also be issued, medication adherence improved and patient reported outcomes are tracked.


    Data-Driven Rapid Diagnostic

    By linking existing datasets (e.g. EHR and prescribing) with new datasets (e.g. outcomes and resistance), accuRx provides intelligent decision support using 'deep learning' to best inform treatment decisions.


    accuRx can make recommendations based on real-time evidence, taking into account patient-specific context.