• Our Solution.

    accuRx is focused on improving antibiotic prescribing accuracy in primary care. General Practice has no routine access to microbiologists, onsite microbiology labs or point of care tests and yet accounts for 74% of antibiotic use in humans. The lower levels of patient acuity and relatively high levels of digital maturity provide a good foundation from which to initially address overprescribing. We are building smart guideline nudges into the workflow, then incorporating patient engagement tools for self-management, followed by data-driven decision support. Our vision is to later develop decision support tools to tackle inappropriate antimicrobial use in other settings including resource-constrained health systems.


    Guideline Nudging

    accuRx delivers patient-specific local and national prescribing guidelines to specific trigger points in the workflow.


    As well as reducing prescribing rates, this supports practitioners in meeting patient expectations whilst collecting real-time data on the nature and appropriateness of antimicrobial use.


    Patient Engagement

    accuRx offers an active management tool that patients engage with via SMS.


    This offers practitioners an alternative to prescribing antibiotics for minor ailments, with a safety net for patients who deteriorate. 'Smart' delayed prescriptions can also be issued, medication adherence improved and patient reported outcomes are tracked.


    Data-Driven Rapid Diagnostic

    By linking existing datasets (e.g. EHR and prescribing) with new datasets (e.g. outcomes and resistance), accuRx provides intelligent decision support using 'deep learning' to best inform treatment decisions.


    accuRx can make recommendations based on real-time evidence, taking into account patient-specific context.