7 ways accuRx’s new FREE product for collecting QOF information helps everyone

We’ve launched a new feature for collecting structured QOF data called "Florey." It lets you send a patient a text which contains a survey link. Once they’ve filled it out, the responses come back to you in the toolbar and you can save the responses, including relevant SNOMED codes, straight to the record. Florey has received a lot of praise from both practices and patients. The benefits are extensive, but we’ve rounded up the 7 biggest ones here:


1. Over 50% response rate

While many practices eventually meet their QOF targets by the deadline, the process of meeting them can be painful. More than 50% of patients that receive a Florey survey respond within a few days, reducing the need to chase up unanswered phone calls and letters.


2. It’s simple to set up, and responses are saved to the patient record with SNOMED codes

It takes less than 5 minutes to install accuRx, and there’s no additional setup required to start using Florey. As soon as a patient responds to the survey, the practice gets a notification in the accuRx toolbar. They can save to the patient record with all appropriate SNOMED codes in one click.

3. Efficient collection of QOF points

Clinicians report that they’re able to decide if patients require a face to face review based on the survey results, instead of asking every patient to come in for a review. Practices are also seeing their QOF points stack up rapidly. One GP shared,

“I have used it for the last 2 weeks by sending out 50+ texts...I can see I have clawed in approximately £2,000 of QOF monies.”

4. Save appointments

In addition to hitting QOF targets more efficiently, practices also free up appointments, which can be spent with patients that require additional attention.

5. Engage hard to reach patients

Clinicians reported that patients that haven’t responded to face to face invitations for years respond to Florey surveys within a day or two. We hear from many practices that patients prefer texts over calls and that switching to Chain SMS has helped to engage hard to reach patients.

6. Improve patient experience

While there are other patient engagement surveys out there, many require patients to sign into an app, or involve a back-and-forth dialogue with their practice. With Florey, there’s no need to sign into an app, and patient identity is still verified.

There’s also no need to miss work and visit a GP if your condition is well controlled. One patient recently shared,

“Well controlled asthma with no symptoms and no need to take up an appointment. I found it very helpful as I don’t have much time to run to doctors surgery as I’m a full time carer”

7. There’s lots more to come!

Practices can start collecting QOF data for the following uses:

  • Asthma


  • Smoking status

And we’re releasing more surveys over the next couple of weeks:

  • Alcohol intake

  • Blood pressure

  • BMI


Based on popular demand in our community, we’re also releasing a flu vaccination template, which will be ready next week!

Click here for more info and videos about Florey!


We’re really keen for as many practices and patients as possible to get the benefits of Florey before the March QOF deadline. We would be very grateful if you could share this blog among your social channels and professional networks. Thank you!​

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