Case Studies.

The Leys Health Centre

“The critical thing is the time-saving, which cascades down to better patient care.”

The accuRx team are very familiar with The Leys Health Centre in Oxford. The practice was an early adopter of our services and have followed our journey as a company since July 2017. They have been quick to pick up on our new technologies and test them out, giving us time and feedback along the way. It is a 10,400-patient practice in an area of significant deprivation, despite its proximity to the dreaming spires of the university city. Clare Messenger, Practice Manager, took time out of an extremely busy schedule to tell me about how Chain SMS has benefitted the practice.


“Chain SMS has made our reception staff’s days! They think it is brilliant!”


“Our reception team are really bought into Chain SMS. It saves them time and makes their days a lot better.” The main reason for this? Chain SMS cuts down the number of tasks for which reception act as the middle man. This includes messaging about rebooking appointments and prescriptions that are ready to collect. “Reception can get through tasks without spending time on the phone. And there are no letters to be sent!”


“Some doctors are mad keen on this!”


It seems that it’s not just reception who are happy with Chain SMS; Clare tells me there is set of GPs devoted to Chain. “They can do a task in two seconds - they just send a template message directly to the patient. It saves them time writing to reception as they did before. It saves reception time, so in fact throughout the layers of staff, time is saved.”


“Chain SMS is brilliant for us because of the time-saving. You can interact with the patient really quickly.”


Clare explains how Chain SMS saves receptionists, nurses and doctors time. Previously the clinicians would write a task to the reception team to action something for a patient. Now the GPs and nurses can send a text message direct, it cuts the reception staff time and also means quicker contact with the patient.


Money is saved from better use of staff time, but there are clear financial savings from sending fewer letters too. Clare estimates a £5 saving each day (stationary, stamps and manpower), which works out to around £1200 saved a year.


“It’s so easy to accomplish high standards of communication with Chain SMS. Importantly it improves patient care.”


Clare tells me that at Leys they maintain a high standard of communication with their patients and the patient group have grown accustomed to hearing from the practice regularly. This is achieved much more quickly and easily with Chain SMS. “A lot of our patient population work on the production lines at the local BMW manufacturing plant. They cannot have their phone with them, waiting for a phone call from our clinicians or reception. With Chain SMS the problem is automatically solved - they can pick up the message in the evening and get in touch.”


Lastly, Clare told me about how much the practice has enjoyed interacting with accuRx as a team and as a company. “The reception team really liked working with your team face-to-face. I love how if I feedback to accuRx and your team think it’s a good idea, you will go for it and get it done. Delivery receipts are a good example of that.” Practices asked us for reports on any texts that were failed to be delivered (if the patient’s phone number is no longer active or there is a network issue). We brought in a section of our practice dashboard so that surgeries have a list of every message sent and whether it was delivered or not. Clare summed this up: “Another thing accuRx is great on: changing, adapting and responding really rapidly.”


Thanks Clare and the team for supporting us over the last year, it’s great to hear how better patient care is being delivered with the help of Chain SMS.