It was a godsend when we started using patient questionnaires. We could just save responses straight in the patient record and it pushed QOF rates up. By sending out questionnaires to monitor patient blood pressure, we’ll prevent an estimated 180 strokes and 120 heart attacks over the next 5 years.
Charlotte East, Care Coordinator,
Kent and Medway
Great support, easy to use, always updating with enhancements.
Julie Leggett, Practice Manager, Suffolk and NE Essex
User support is superb. Self-Book has transformed the way we fill long term condition clinics, freeing up time for our receptionists and increasing patient engagement.
Alex Richards, Administrator,
Shropshire Tel & Wrek
The product has really revolutionised my work! I find the product to be a fast and secure way of communicating with GPs and patients. Up to now I sent letters and made phone calls… which was costly and time consuming.
Anya Jadhakhan, Clinical, Birmingham & Solihull
It's probably the best digital tool available to primary care that I know of.

Dr Minesh Patel, GP Partner, Sussex
This latest work with Accurx has been so successful that we’ve very quickly rolled it out across even more specialities in our Trust! Being able to easily and quickly communicate with patients, through simple technology, means we are confident we can move through the backlog faster.
Aimee Geary, Strategy and Partnerships Manager at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
We love the use of Batch Messaging and all of the templates which are available. The user support function is 10/10 and Accurx listen to the feedback which is passed to them and change their system to align with what works best for GP Practices. A revolutionary software! 
We love it.
Naomi Lee, Practice Manager, South West London
It’s totally integral to our working day.

Louise Martin, GP, North Central London
It [Accurx] reduced DNA rates for monitoring blood tests I needed results of for my telephone clinic, so it has reduced the number of rebooked appointments and wasted clinic time. Also reduces need to wait on hold at GP Practice or having to search to find GP email addresses as there is an instant contact link via accurx.
Fiona French, Clinical, NE London