Accurx Switch

Accurx Switch is a mobile app which makes communication between NHS healthcare professionals easier.

With more than 344,000 registered users, Accurx Switch is the most widely-adopted healthcare communication app in hospitals.

Staff can use its crowd-sourced directory to look up the correct contact details - whether that’s a phone number, bleep, or extension line - and make the secure connection they need, when they need it.
Screenshot of Accurx Switch's mobile app home screen



  • View phone numbers, bleeps, and extensions added by your colleagues
  • Add, edit and delete these entries to help keep the directory up-to-date
  • Use the ’Quick Dial’ function to respond to bleeps efficiently
      Screenshot of Accurx Switch's mobile app directory feature
      Screenshot of Accurx Switch's mobile app hospital switcher

      Hospital Switcher

      • Quickly switch between hospitals so that you can always find the contacts you need
      • See the hospitals closest to you to make switching easier

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