Where patients and healthcare teams communicate

Simple and easy-to-use, Accurx’s software helps everyone involved in a patient’s care to communicate.

  • 2 minute set up
  • NHS approved digital supplier
  • Used by over 98% of GP practices
  • Used in almost 50% of NHS Trusts

Who we support

ICS, PCNs and national bodies

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What you can do with Accurx

Accurx lets healthcare teams and patients seamlessly connect with each other.

Through our integrated platform, NHS professionals can manage their patient care and communication. You can use Accurx to:

  • Send SMS messages and patient questionnaires.
  • Provide appointment reminders and referrals.
  • Hold video consultations.
  • Manage virtual wards, outpatient clinics and follow-up pathways.
350,000+ NHS users
Accurx’s product has reinvigorated communication with our patients, enabling a better relationship between GPs and patients, which has ultimately led to better care provision. Our patients now have the confidence that they’re getting speedy and accurate responses from our team.
Dr. Dave Triska, GP Partner at Witley and Milford Surgeries
2/3 GPs now view Accurx as critical to their practice
Accurx has changed the way we practice medicine. Simple technology in healthcare, like the use of SMS, makes a huge difference to our patients and the care we can give them.
Dr. Ahmed Ali, GP at Byron Medical Practice
49m patients messaged via Accurx
At 12.22pm on the 13th February, I received a text message saying I was eligible for my COVID-19 vaccination. By 12.26pm, my first appointment was confirmed for the following morning. Booking through Accurx’s system was quick, easy and accessible and I felt an enormous sense of relief.
Amit Patel, patient