Careers at accuRx

We're building the team to deliver our mission of bringing patients and their healthcare teams together.

We think healthcare is a communication industry

50 years ago, healthcare was a lot simpler and could be delivered by individuals. Now a patient can be looked after by tens of staff, working for different organisations. We're building a platform where doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, carers and anyone else involved in a patient's care can communicate easily with patients and with each other. We believe this will transform how healthcare is delivered, improving patient outcomes, improving staff morale and improving the efficiency of health systems.

We're a diverse team, who love solving hard problems

We're a rapidly growing team with backgrounds ranging from healthcare and consulting to software and non-profits. What brings us together is an obsession with improving the health system.

We work 2 minutes from Haggerston station, inbetween Shoreditch and Dalston. We've built a brand new office, especially designed for us to collaborate, focus and relax in.

We're On A Mission

Everything we do should contribute to making patients healthier, staff happier and health systems more efficient.

Always collaborating

We optimise for team success over individual success. Everyone’s problems are my problems

Relentless improvement

We’re always iterating to make things better: culture, processes, products... When things don't work out as planned, we learn from it.

Proud ownership

We take pride in our work (individually and as a team) and act responsibly, even when nobody is watching.


We know that we do our best work when we're also happy outside of work


Head of User Research

"Every week I'm visiting GP practices to test new features and gather feedback. I have never seen people get so excited about technology and the impact it has."


Clinical Lead

"I loved working as a GP, and still do one day each week. But I often felt I was battling against broken systems. Instead of impacting hundreds of patients, I'm now impacting millions."


User Ops Specialist

"I spend most of the day speaking with our users, and then discuss their feedback with the product team. We have users get in touch, not asking for anything, but just wanting to tell us how we've transformed their practice."


Product Engineer

"Making software seamless to install and automatically update on NHS computers in thousands of GP practices has never actually been done before. Every feature we ship reaches over a quarter of the population."


Stock Options

Every single employee gets share options, so they've got a stake in what we're building.

Free breakfast, fruit and snacks

You can even put in requests for your favourite cereal

On your bike!

We've got secure bike racks, regular bike maintenance clinics and a tax-efficient cycle-to-work scheme

Partners Included

Partners are invited to our Christmas dinner. Partners and kids are invited to the weekend of our summer retreat.


Everyone gets 28 days holiday, in addition to bank holidays.

Team lunch

Once a week we provide a team lunch, whether it's a spread of food in to the office or picnic in a nearby park.

No health insurance

We don't provide private health insurance because we're proud of the NHS, and we're making it better every single day.

Salary review

We review salaries twice a year to ensure everyone is paid fairly and recognised for their hard work.


We're in a brand new space, designed just for us, flooded with natural light.

Team dinner

Once a month we provide a team dinner, whether it's a nearby restaurant or making our own pasta in the office.

Keep healthy: body and mind

Everyone gets a £500 wellness bonus to spend on gym membership/headspace /climbing... We go for team runs and have yoga sessions in the office.


Everyone gets a top-spec laptop, Aeron chair and two external screens.

Time at the healthcare frontline

Everyone spends at least two days each quarter in a GP practice, seeing how our products are used and what other challenges the healthcare workforce is facing.

Summer retreat

Each summer we go to the countryside for a week to work on our strategy, nurture our culture and cook great meals together.

Personal Development

We help everyone create a Personal Development Plan, we do 360° feedback, and you can request books for the office library.