The only platform you need to communicate about patient care

We believe that everyone involved in a patient’s care should be able to connect with each other quickly and easily.

That’s why we built Accurx – the user-friendly platform where patients and healthcare professionals communicate.

As well as revolutionising digital communication in primary care, we’re a trusted partner to NHS trusts nationwide.

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Our story

Born in primary care

Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery founded Accurx in 2016 to tackle the everyday challenges that NHS professionals face. Immersing ourselves in GP practices, we saw how time-consuming it can be for NHS staff to do simple things like book appointments, contact patients, or make referrals.

So we set out to create an easier way for patients and NHS professionals to communicate.

Today, we connect millions of people across the system

Building on our success in general practice, Accurx has expanded into 68% of NHS trusts, where we help hospital staff to communicate and coordinate patient care.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our software enabled video consultations and healthcare surveys for remote monitoring of patients with symptoms. We also built a vaccine booking system in just four weeks that was used to manage almost 30 million life-saving vaccinations.

Our vision is for a healthcare system where everyone involved in a patient's care, including the patient, can easily communicate with each other.

We help NHS services to be sustainable – and try hard to be sustainable too

As well as improving the experiences of patients and staff, our software helps NHS services to adopt more sustainable, digital forms of patient communication. Using Accurx, NHS services can reduce their use of letters and CO2-producing travel to in-person appointments.

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Take a look at our Carbon Reduction Plan

Our Plan sets out everything from our emissions and targets to our current sustainability projects.
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Read about our annual Carbon Footprint Report

Every year, we commission a carbon accounting company called Supercritical to analyze our emissions and devise new ways of mitigating our climate impact. You can find out all about this here.
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See what our co-founder Laurence has to say about sustainability

In this blog post, CTO and co-founder Laurence Bargery sets out three ways we offset our carbon footprint and what investments we make to achieve this.