Accurx for primary care

If you work in primary care, you can use Accurx to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals. Accurx seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and is used by over 98% of all GPs in England.

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  • Used by over 98% of GP practices
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Our premium product for primary care.

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What you can do with Accurx:

The Booking Module

Invite patients to self-book an appointment.

Key features

  • Invite an individual or group of patients to self-book an appointment.
  • Save time and resources and improve access to care.
  • Integrates with EMIS and SystmOne appointment books.
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Patient Triage

Allow patients to contact your practice via an online consultation.

Key features

  • Receive requests from patients straight to your Accurx inbox.
  • Deal with simple requests remotely, without bringing the patient in for appointments.
  • Patients can submit requests at a time that works for them.
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COVID-19 vaccine booking

Invite and book your patients for both vaccination doses.

Key features

  • Share availability across your PCN or ICS.
  • Invited patients can self-book and manage their appointment.
  • Keep track of who has and hasn't booked.
  • Share patient information before their vaccination.

Text messaging

Send SMS messages to patients.

Key features

  • Provide patients with sick notes/Med3.
  • Send patients their referral letters.
  • Send forms such as imaging request forms or blood forms.
  • Provide patients with advice leaflets after a consultation.


Medical surveys with simple structured responses, helping you secure QOF funding and screen or monitor patients. All replies are coded and saved to the medical record.

Key features

  • Asthma questionnaire
  • COPD questionnaire-MRC
  • COVID-19 questionnaires
  • Flu vaccine invite
  • Smoking questionnaire
  • Alcohol consumption questionnaire - AUDIT-C
  • BMI questionnaire
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Find and email healthcare professionals involved in your patient's care.

Key features

  • Save communications with other healthcare professionals directly to patient records.
  • Include any documents from the patient record as attachments.
  • Find the right contacts in a searchable directory of local NHS services and professionals.
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Digital documents

Securely send digital documents to patients. Save on time and postage.

Key features

  • Send advice at the end of a consultation.
  • Let a patient know about normal test results.
  • Send useful information before an appointment.
  • Notify patients of normal results e.g. blood tests.

Text and photo response

Allow a patient to send you a one-off text or photo reply to a message.

Key features

  • Follow up with patients post-consultation.
  • Screen patients prior to a consultation.
  • Monitor patients e.g. blood pressure.
  • Confirm if a patient has done something.
  • Fill in or update patient details.

Video consultations

No app required. Both patient and clinician can join a video call in a few simple steps.

Key features

  • Easily conduct remote consultations, no setup required.
  • Secure and NHS Digital approved
  • Can be used by up to 4 people (so you can include an interpreter, carer, family member or another healthcare professional)
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