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A reset moment for general practice

If you work in a busy GP practice, you’ll know how tough the 8am rush can be. That’s why many practices like yours are establishing a new system to manage inbound demand, one that lets them resolve patient requests quickly and easily. It’s a system of ‘total triage’.

Total triage: what it is and how it helps

Our research shows 98% of patient requests are marked done within one day with total triage

‘Total triage’ is a system of triage in which patients provide information – and are triaged – before any appointment is booked (if one is booked at all). This enables a GP surgery to meet patients' needs outside of appointments and prioritise their limited capacity to support those most in need of care.

In September 2023, we listened to 373 GP practice staff through our research, which revealed the outsized impact that total triage has.

A more equitable service

75% of GP practice staff believe they’re offering more equal access to care

Easier demand management

81% of practices feel they are now better equipped to keep up with patient demand

Higher patient satisfaction

65% of practices said that patients are more satisfied with their service

Accurx has been priceless in improving communication between patients and our staff. This expedites the patient journey through primary care by getting them the care they need quicker.

Jang Bakhat, Business Manager, Peel Hall Medical Centre

How it works with Accurx


The patient contacts their practice.

The patient completes a request online, via their practice’s website or the NHS App.
Alternately, they call or visit in-person, completing an online request form alongside a receptionist (we call this Reception Flow). Staff encourage patients to do this form themselves next time.


The team triages
the request.

All requests enter a central inbox that’s fully integrated with the clinical system. This gives staff full visibility of patient demand, helping them assess urgency.
From here, the team can action all requests, triaging patients based on clinical need. They can also save requests to the medical record in one click.


The patient’s
needs are met.

The team resolve requests via SMS messages, by booking an appointment or by signposting patients to other services.
With the use of messaging, patients can also receive important guidance from NHS UK and elsewhere to help them manage their condition.

Get the tools you need for total triage

Take control of demand with Patient Triage

Get on top of inbound demand with our online consultation solution, Patient Triage. Use a simple online form and shared inbox to manage all patient requests across your team.
Find out more about Patient Triage

Collect information with patient questionnaires

Need more information from your patients? Send pre-built or custom questionnaires to gather this remotely, and save responses directly to the medical record with one click.
Find out more about Questionnaires

Book appointments a better way with Self-Book

Does your patient need an appointment? Send a Self-Book link for a chosen slot type directly from the inbox, taking the back-and-forth away from appointment booking.
Find out more about Self-Book

Interested in moving to total triage?

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Reception Flow: making your triage system accessible

“What about patients who can’t fill out a form?”

That’s what our Reception Flow is for. This allows staff to submit a shorter version of the online request form on a patient’s behalf. It’s especially useful for when a patient is on the phone, in person, or if they have accessibility needs.
The receptionist simply submits a form with the patient. It flows straight into the same inbox as all other requests, and they can save it to the record with one click. Easy.

Have a click around to see how Reception Flow works

Get ready for total triage with these handy resources


Get started with a call - find out how we can best support your move to total triage.


Take a look at our total triage training pack. It’s packed with insights and tips to help you optimise your workflows for Modern General Practice Access.


Get the patient-facing materials you need to guide patients through the change in system e.g. posters, demos, informative videos and messaging templates/user scripts.


Join the conversation about total triage by joining our Facebook community. You and your peers can share learnings and access supportive content from over 600 fellow healthcare professionals.

What could this look like for your practice?

Why choose Accurx for total triage?

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Our reliable, high-quality software helps practices reduce tasks at scale so they free up capacity and do more in less time.

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We’ve completely recreated the way that we consult, whether we treat patients on the phone, face-to-face or via an online consultation. From the patient's perspective, things aren't very different. But from our perspective, all demand now gets funnelled into one inbox which lets us triage from just one list. It's revolutionary.

Dr Osman Bhatti, Clinical IT Lead (CCIO) for North East London and GP, St Andrews Health Centre