Quicker communication for community pharmacy

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and non-stop telephone calls. With Accurx, you can communicate quickly with patients and their GPs to deliver services like Pharmacy First in the click of a button.

94% of users agree that Accurx is easy to use – and it’s just as easy to get started today, for free.

Set up in less than two minutes
NHS approved digital supplier
Used by over 98% of GP practices

What can I do with Accurx?

Contact your patients by SMS

Follow up with patients, invite them to visit the pharmacy or share safety netting advice or information following a consultation.

  • Allow patients to respond and share photos
  • Include links and attachments to helpful resources
  • Contact an individual or cohort of patients
  • Manage care at scale with patient lists

Consult with patients using video

Invite your patients to join a remote consultation via a secure, user-friendly video link.

  • No App or login required for you or your patients
  • Invite interpreters, carers or other healthcare professionals 
to join
  • Support six of the seven Pharmacy First clinical pathways with a video consultation

Communicate easily with GPs

Begin secure two-way conversations with a patient’s surgery, using the platform that 95% of GPs already use and trust.

  • Reach GPs and securely share clinical information
  • Enable quick and easy saving to the patient’s medical record e.g. blood pressure readings
  • Communicate quickly about medication queries, such as out of stocks

How can Accurx help you deliver Pharmacy First?

Make signposting and safety netting easy

Attach patient information leaflets, include links to NHS services or resources and ask patients to send photos (e.g. of a rash or a discharge document).

Cut the time you spend communicating

Message an individual or a group of patients via SMS using preset or custom message templates to save even more time.

Support clinical pathways using video

Assess patients for 6/7 common health conditions in the Pharmacy First scheme using video. Questionnaires will also be available soon – you can join the waitlist to be one of the first pharmacies to try this feature.

Here's what a patient journey might look like with Accurx

Accurx has brought us into the 21st century for sure. We need to be efficient with our time and communicate with patients in a way that works for them. Using the messaging facility of Accurx has been a game changer for us.
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Reena Barai,
Pharmacist and owner, SG Barai Pharmacy
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