Accurx for secondary care

Use Accurx anywhere to communicate easily with patients and other clinicians in your trust or across the NHS – connecting you across services for fast and simple care coordination.

Try it for free today in your browser, or get in touch to integrate Accurx with your clinical system.

  • Quick access with NHS single sign-on
  • Request quick and secure view of your patients' GP records
  • Can be used on any device

How Accurx can help you

Keeping clinics ticking

Efficient patient pathways

Swift and secure transfer of care

Managing elective recovery

Case studies

Saving time with video consultations

Accurx video consultations helping trust staff save time and support patients more effectively.

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Reducing DNAs with Patient Messaging

Our patient messaging is helping trusts to save time and money, while reducing DNA rates.

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Waiting lists: University Hospitals of Leicester

University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) have used Accurx to remove 15,000 patients from their RTT list.

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What you can do with Accurx:

Message patients

Validate, inform and collect data with SMS messaging.

  • Provide follow-up advice at the end of a consultation.
  • Notify patients of normal results e.g. blood tests.
  • Allow text or image responses from a patient when needed.
  • Create message templates to share with your team.

Message GP

98% of GPs already use Accurx – connect with them in one click.

  • Contact your patient's GP practice in one click.
  • Connect with 98% of GP practices across the country.
  • Attach digital documents including clinic and discharge letters.
  • Create message templates to share with your team.
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Manage patient engagement

Make list validation, triage and care coordination simple with our patient engagement portal.

  • Integrate with your PAS and EPR or use directly in any browser.
  • Give patients a single point of contact to manage appointments.
  • Provide locally curated information including maps and directions.
  • Communicate with patients at scale with batch SMS and questionnaires.
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View GP records

View GP records from anywhere, securely.

  • Instantly view a GP record summary with permission directly from your patient.
  • Base your care on up-to-date information from the GP - without the wait.
  • Find patient medications, investigations and allergies.
  • Request GP records from any CCG in England or Wales.
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Manage patient-initiated follow-up

Set up patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) pathways.

  • Create PIFU pathway lists from your patient administration system or directly in Accurx.
  • Share your lists with clinicians and administrators from your team.
  • Find and communicate with patients in just 3 clicks.
  • Provide flexible ongoing care for patients remotely.
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Integrate with Accurx

Enable frictionless workflows.

  • Integrates with your clinical system for one-click communication.
  • Seamless appointment reminders, waiting list validation and patient communication with PAS integration.
  • Build custom solutions for your organisation with our dedicated team.
  • Get up and running quickly across your organisation.
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Run video consultations

Set up video consultations and manage remote clinics

  • Run remote consultations or multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs).
  • Patients and clinicians can join a video call in a few simple steps.
  • Rely on secure, reliable and NHS Digital approved technology.
  • Include up to 50 people e.g. an interpreter, carer, family member or another healthcare professional.

Manage virtual wards

Coordinate remote patient care in a virtual ward

  • Create patient lists from your patient administration system (PAS) or directly in Accurx.
  • Manage virtual wards as a team with safe and effective care coordination.
  • Find and communicate with patients in just 3 clicks.
  • Provide flexible ongoing care for patients with video consultations.

Make an impact with Accurx

It was almost immediate - once we started Accurx messaging, our DNA rate dropped to virtually zero.
Suren, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust