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Accurx is where conversations happen with and about patients. Simple and easy-to-use, Accurx’s software helps everyone involved in a patient’s care to communicate and collaborate.

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Primary care

Working in primary care, you can use Accurx to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals. Accurx seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and is used by over 98% of all GPs in England.

Message patients with optional attachments and replies
Manage appointments with automated patient reminders and triage
Conduct video consultations with up to 50 participants

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Secondary care

Working in an Acute Hospital Trust, you can use our software on any device to connect with patients and fellow professionals, and exchange clinical information across teams.

View patients’ GP record summaries
Message patients, add attachments and replies
Conduct video consultations with up to 50 participants
Manage patient appointments and follow-ups with your team

Community Pharmacy

If you work in community pharmacy, you can use our software on any device to connect with patients and other healthcare professionals, and work collaboratively across pharmacy teams. Sign up for free with NHS single sign on.

Message your patients quickly and easily about prescriptions and appointments
Create message templates, add attachments and request photos
Host secure video consultations with one or more patients or careers
Manage your workload with patient lists
View a patient's medical record following consent from the patient

Other healthcare organisations

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