Find and contact another healthcare professional about a patient.

Primary care

Contact any healthcare professional straight from your Accurx toolbar – for secure clinical conversations that let you save to and attach from the patient record.

Secondary care, community and mental health

Healthcare professionals can easily communicate with their patient's GP while attaching documents and viewing read receipts.

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Why use Accumail?

Simple & secure

Accumail takes the system-hopping and duplication out of clinical conversations, and lets you attach from or save to the patient record securely.

Manage inbound

Accumail helps you reduce in-trays, voice mails and paper trails with a single shared inbox exclusively for clinical conversations.

Quick conversations

Accumail lets you search for staff and services across the NHS to find up-to-date, reliable contact details so that you can start up a clinical conversation in moments.

How it works

Search our directory for a service, organisation or contact.
Attach documents directly from the patient’s record.
Save messages and replies to patient records with one click.

What can Accumail do for you?

Save and attach from patient record

Save sent and received messages, including attachments, to the patient's medical record in just one click – or attach information securely from the record to an outbound message.

Easy search directory

Find the right contact from a searchable directory of local NHS services and professionals through an easy and intuitive search bar.

Send to NHSmail

Deliver Accumail messages to recipients' NHS email inbox, so you know they will receive it whether they use Accurx or not.

Manage inbound as a team

View all conversations across the team, assign messages to colleagues and see what has been actioned for clear audit trails.

Find your patient’s GP easily

Accurx is trusted by GPs – over 98% of them use our platform. Search for GPs with patient details only and message them in Accurx Web.

Message GPs securely

Know that your messages will be delivered securely with end-to-end encryption to recipients’ accuMail inboxes, and not to their email spam folder.

See a practice’s live online status

Know how many staff are online at your patient’s GP practice to get the information you need quickly.

Track messages with read receipts

Have confidence that your request is being seen to. Read receipts let you know when your message has been received and read.

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Primary care

Secondary care, community and mental health

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