Case study

Waiting list validation:
University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL)

Since 2022, multiple services at University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) NHS Trust have been using our SMS software to identify which patients on their waiting list still need an appointment.
In just a few months, the Trust has seen a reduction in their RTT waiting list after removing 22,000 patients.
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, UHL saw an 85% increase in its waiting list, leaving it with one of the toughest recovery trajectories of any large acute trust.
Staff had to either send letters or make manual or automated phone calls to identify which patients on their waiting list still needed to be seen. Teams struggled to validate high volumes of patients, track appointments and follow up on patient information quickly.

The way we previously validated patients on waiting lists was time-consuming. There wasn’t a strong feedback loop to know if patients had received the message.

Sandie Martin, Improvement Lead, UHL

How we’re helping UHL tackle waiting lists

In 2022, UHL started using Accurx to administratively and clinically validate waiting lists, and reduce DNAs and unnecessary appointments.
Patients on waiting lists have been sent SMS messages to ask if they still need their appointment. Patients can then send a 'yes' or 'no' response within 7 days straight to their healthcare provider’s inbox.
Patients who have responded ‘no’ are able to give a reason why via a questionnaire before being removed from the waiting list.
Patients who respond ‘yes’ have the option to move to a Patient Initiated Follow Up pathway, helping free up further appointments.

In just a few months, we’ve seen significant results and we’re already starting to explore new areas where SMS messaging can bring further benefits to our Trust.

Siobhan Favier, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, University Hospitals of Leicester

Impact so far

22,000 patients

removed from UHL’s waiting list

4,000 patients

moved onto digital PIFU pathways


How one UHL staff member described Accurx

Helped UHL remove thousands of patients from the Trust's RTT list.
Saved staff time and improved morale while replacing letters and phone calls with more efficient workflows.
Freed up capacity and enabled UHL staff to prioritise appointments for those who need them most.

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