Data Security and Privacy at accuRx

We build software that makes communication for healthcare professionals and patients easier. That means NHS patients and professionals trust us with very sensitive data. This is a responsibility that we take incredibly seriously.


We're on a mission to make patients healthier and healthcare professionals happier. That's only possible if you understand what data we process, why we process it and how it's used.


Your trust in our data security and privacy comes ahead all of other considerations in designing our products. It's not enough to ask you to trust us, we have to show that we are trustworthy.


This page sets out the principles that guide us at accuRx when handling health data. It also provides routes to more details about the way we do things. If you can't find something that should be here, please reach out via

📜 We are certified to all relevant NHS and government standards

The NHS and government set standards to make sure all organisations using health data keep it safe and use it ethically. We make sure we meet all of these every step of the way.

  • We received NHS Digital approved supplier accreditation.

  • We have completed the government's Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

  • We have been approved to integrate with EMIS, SystmOne and Vision.

  • We have NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit assurance.

See our full credentials in our Resource Centre.​

🔒 We use best practice security technology

All data is encrypted when stored and when being sent. This makes sure the only people who can access it are you, your health professional involved in your care.

💳 We set strong identity controls

We make sure people who use our systems are the same professionals you trust to care for you. They must have verified NHS credentials.

📜 We work with safe and secure partners

We sometimes partner with other organisations, for example to store data securely in the cloud. We only work with those who meet our high standards.

📈 We try to improve the whole system

As a company we want to go beyond the essentials. We need people to trust in the whole system, not just us. We want to help raise the bar for everyone. That's because software and data, used carefully and effectively, can improve health outcomes for every single patient.


You can see examples of our contributions, including things we've written, and talks we've given on our blog.

If you want to work with us on building a better system, contact

🧫 We make it part of our culture

Every member of the AccuRx team completes our Security 101 and Information Governance training in their first week. We talk about it all the time and our team's understanding and confidence on IG matters is something we monitor.

🎯 We put our mission before all else

Everything we do with data is to improve people's health.


All business decisions are guided by our mission and the NHS Code of conduct for data-driven technology.

👂 We listen to you

We have a vibrant professional user group and we are developing a patient panel to shape decisions on new technologies and data use in the future.