Patient questionnaires

Helping to screen and monitor patients with Floreys.

What are patient questionnaires?

Medical and administrative surveys can help healthcare professionals screen and monitor patients by collecting simple, structured responses about their health and wellbeing. They can also help GP practices secure QOF funding. At Accurx, we call our patient questionnaires ‘Floreys’.

Why use Floreys – our patient questionnaires?

Gather the data you need to best support your patients

Automate manual processes and streamline workflows

Automatically code and save replies to the patient record

What can Floreys do for you?

Healthcare professionals

Gather patient information quickly and easily
Manage long-term conditions such as asthma, diabetes and mental health
Automatically add replies and SNOMED codes to the patient record


Share information quickly and easily with your GP
Help your GP practice to manage their workload e.g. reducing their inbound phone calls
Receive the care you need on the basis of your responses

How it works

Practice staff choose a questionnaire and send to patient(s)
Patient answers each question with their relevant information
The patient’s medical record is updated with up-to-date information

Build your own

Want more from your Floreys? Get more control and flexibility by creating your own medical or administrative questionnaires in a few easy steps. Try our demo below to find out how.

“Accurx has been an absolute godsend to our surgery. I have recently set up Custom Floreys, which is an incredibly helpful tool to help us with our QOF work"
Ian, Manager, Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB

Frequently asked questions

Why are they called Floreys?

It’s a question we’re sometimes asked – so where did the name come from? Floreys were named after Sir Howard Walter Florey, a pharmacologist and pathologist who developed penicillin alongside Sir Ernst Chain and Sir Alexander Fleming. At Accurx, we love all things health, technology and innovation, and we like to celebrate and remember those who have been pioneers in these fields. Our office meeting rooms are even named after some of these people. Why not read our blog about this?

Where can I access Floreys?

You can find our Florey questionnaire templates in the search bar when creating a new message to an individual patient. We have a step-by-step guide to show you how. You can also find them within Batch Messaging.

How do I create my own Floreys?

Florey Plus users can create their own Custom Floreys within the ‘Manage Organisation’ page by selecting ‘Manage templates’. We have a step-by-step guide to show you how to do this.

Can I send Floreys via Batch Messaging?

Yes! When sending a batch message to a cohort of patients, you have the option to select ‘SMS’, ‘Florey’ or ‘Self-Book’. Select Florey to add the questionnaire you need. We have more information about this in our support centre.

Why have I received a text from my GP with a florey link?

If you have received a text with a ‘florey’ hyperlink, your practice is likely using Accurx. If you are unsure for any reason, please contact your GP practice directly to confirm the questionnaire was sent to you.

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