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Coordinate patient discharge
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Coordinate discharge or transfer of care with clarity and ease for you and your patients

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Swift and secure transfer of care

Remotely assess home environment suitability

  • Easily contact a patient’s carer and request photos or text descriptions
  • Confirm access to required equipment or medication
  • Invite anyone to a video call using any device, no setup needed

Instantly view patient medications on any device

  • Get an instant view of a patient’s GP record summary
  • Confirm permission directly from the patient with a text message
  • View medications, investigations, allergies and more at a glance

Coordinate care plans and discharge across specialities

  • Run virtual multidisciplinary teams or best interest meetings in video calls
  • Include up to 50 participants connecting with any device
  • No downloads or accounts needed for invited participants

Message patients, family members or GPs

  • Send one-way text messages with information about a discharge
  • Use templates to send standard information quickly to any patient
  • Attach NHS advice or secure digital documents to any message
  • Contact a patient’s GP in one click

Why use accuRx Web?

Free to NHS

accuRx Web helps everyone involved in a patient's care to communicate easily, and is provided free to NHS professionals.

Simple, fast and secure

Any healthcare professional can sign up to accuRx Web with NHS single sign-on and use it securely on any device – no downloads needed.

Informing care decisions

Quick communication and comprehensive patient information enhances quality and speed of care.

What our users say about us

Record View has helped us to be better informed when making care decisions.

Ian Unitt

ADHD and Autism Specialist Nurse

Record View has been a huge boon and a massive safety improvement for the practice.

David Triska

GP Partner