Patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU)

Accurx’s patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) solution goes beyond patient led booking. It helps care teams triage follow up requests quickly and collaboratively in just a few steps.

Our 2022 report Rethinking PIFU: More than patient-led booking sets out the role of PIFU in tackling the elective care backlog.

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Why use Accurx’s PIFU solution?

Faster, more efficient care

With our PIFU solution, advice and information can be sent immediately to patients when no appointment is needed.

Improved patient experience

Reduce waiting list times and improve the experience of your patients by enabling them to initiate care when they need it – whether it’s advice, information or an appointment.

Better support for your team

Free up valuable time and reduce the admin burden for your team by enabling them to easily collaborate over a patient’s care needs.

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PIFU – Patient care goes beyond appointments

Learn from Accurx and University Hospitals Leicester how the health system should rethink its approach to PIFU.

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Our PIFU solution lets you

Reduce your administrative burden

Reduce the administrative burden of fielding requests for patient records and information.

View records on any device

Securely view patient records on any device when working remotely.

Provide timely and effective care

Help secondary, community and mental healthcare teams provide more timely and effective care to patients.

See a live audit trail

Stay in control and informed of your patients’ care with a live audit trail of who has requested and viewed a summary medical record.

How it works

Patient receives message.
Patient clicks link and answers triaging questions.
Completed form enters shared inbox for triaging.

Accurx in secondary, community and mental healthcare

Make an impact with Accurx

It was almost immediate: once we started Accurx messaging our DNA rate dropped to virtually zero.
Suren, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust