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June 12, 2023

Accurx acquires Induction Switch as part of mission to integrate NHS communications

We are pleased to share that Accurx has acquired Induction Switch, the most widely-adopted healthcare communications app in NHS hospitals. The move adds to Accurx’s gathering momentum in secondary care, where we are focusing on elective recovery - helping NHS trusts to prioritise and coordinate care, cut waiting lists, and get patients flowing through the system.

With more than 225,000 users in secondary care, Induction Switch is popular among frontline staff for its crowd-sourced directory allowing health care professionals to make the connections they need, when they need them.

Jacob Haddad, CEO at Accurx, said, “Getting hold of the right person at the right time remains a massive barrier to effective care delivery. Bringing Induction Switch into the Accurx family will help us on our mission to ensure that NHS staff have access to the best communications solutions, freeing up more time to focus on patient care.”

About Accurx

Accurx is the leading provider of communications solutions in primary care in England and an ever-growing solution in secondary care. It is well-used and well-loved: 98% of GP practices and 68% of NHS trusts use our products, whilst 93% of users would recommend us to others.

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