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October 29, 2020

AccuRx is now called accuRx

AccuRx is now called accuRx ☺️

How to pronounce accuRx

We know our name is hard to say, we’ve heard accu-rx, acc-u-r-x, (insert your own version here) and we’re happy with all them - you can call us whatever works best for you!

However something we care more about is making sure that our products and features are named consistently. If they are, then it makes it easy for you to tell others about them, talk to us about which ones we should improve and for us to collaborate on making them better. As a result, we’re going to tweak (and in some cases change) the names of features you love, hopefully for the better. This won’t change your world, but we want to let you know in case you notice the changes and think “huh?”.

Naming is hard

It’s taken many meetings internally to get to a place where we’re happy to make these changes and being completely honest, at times we’ve thought “is it worth it?” - the short answer is yes!

As we grow, the names we picked for things early on aren’t making as much sense anymore and this causes problems for everyone talking about them. However you might be used to these names, we’ve been cautious in changing too much and therefore it’s possible you’ll be underwhelmed by the changes (or can think of a much better names than us). With each choice, we’ve made a deliberate attempt to simplify our product, whilst keeping as much continuity with our brand as possible, all of which is crucial as we grow.

What we’re changing (and why)

Fleming is now accuRx Web

Fleming is the web version of accuRx, it’s mostly used by healthcare professionals in secondary care, who don’t have access to accuRx through our desktop (green) toolbar. Up until now it’s looked and felt quite different from the Desktop version, as we haven’t priorisited it’s development - up until now….

As our vision is that it doesn’t matter where you log onto accuRx from, whether it be your normal work computer, your phone or a home laptop - as long you can authenticate for security, you’ll be able to see the things relevant to you (your patient list, previous messages, inbox etc…). With this in mind, we don’t want to have different names for those experiences, so we will simply have accuRx, which you can access via the Green Toolbar on your desktop (accuRx Desktop) or your internet browser (accuRx Web).

Message GP and Healthcare Messenger are now accuMail

In recent months we’ve built a couple of awesome features that allow healthcare professionals across the NHS (and wider bodies) to communicate securely with each other, often using the tools they already have at their disposal.

Up until now they’ve been known as “Healthcare Messenger”, which allows GPs to message secondary care and “Message GP”, which allows the reverse to occur. Although the underlying technology for each is slightly different, we know this doesn’t matter to how you use these features, and so we want to simplify it.

From now on this functionality will simply be known as accuMail. No we don’t think we’re Apple, but we do like the ring this has to it, whilst describing what the tool does - allow you to mail anyone else within the NHS instantly and securely.

Whilst we were updating the name, we also updated our styling….

For those interested, we’re mostly trying to follow a naming format where our product is called accuRx, but the features within that product are named accu[thing it does]. We won’t always do this where it feels forced, but we like the ring it has to it :)

ChainSMS is now Message Patient

Probably the feature accuRx is most famous for, the ability to send a patient an SMS, is also getting a naming refresh as we grow and expand our offering. Don’t worry everything that works now will continue to do, we’re just updating the name!

As we expand the ways in which you can communicate with patients, we want to remove the “SMS” part and make this feature very easy for everyone new to understand - Message Patient feels as straightforward as you can get.

(accuMessagePatient would be a mouthful, so haven’t forced this one!)

Chain Reception is now accuAsk

For most this will mean very little, as this feature is not widely available - but for those of you who do use (and love) it, we’re changing the name to reflect the functionality of the product, a place to ask (and find) internal information about your practice.

accuRx vs AccuRx

Finally and least importantly, we’re going to only use lower case for accuRx from now on. We don’t really mind which you use, but we’re keen to standardise, mostly so we stop discussing internally!

These names should last a while, but things will change as we grow

Our vision is that anyone involved in a patient's care can easily communicate with everyone else involved in that patient's care, including the patient.

To do this, we’re going to need to work with all of you to find and solve more communication problems across the healthcare system, so it’s likely we will build new features and possibly consolidate names again - but we will always do our best to keep changes to a minimum and let you know about them as they happen.

As with anything, we want to get these changes right, so we’re going to roll them out slowly over the next few weeks.