Record View

Quick and secure record sharing made easy.

Primary Care

GP Practices can now enable Record View to let their patients benefit, or to use it themselves when working remotely.

Secondary, Community & Mental Health

Record View is available to all healthcare professionals across the NHS to use for free in Accurx.

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Why use Record View?

Free to NHS

Record View is designed to help improve communication in healthcare, and is provided free to the NHS.

Simple, fast and secure

NHS healthcare professionals receive an immediate view of their patients’ GP records, with patient permission.

Informing care decisions

Record summaries show up-to-date and comprehensive patient information to enhance quality and speed of care.

What can Record View do for you?

We are now asking all GP practices to enable Record View so that your patients and the other NHS colleagues involved in their care can benefit.

Reduce administrative burden

Reduce the administrative burden of fielding requests for patient records and information.

View records on any device

Securely view your own patient records on any device when working remotely.

Timely and effective care

Help secondary, community and mental health colleagues provide more timely and effective care to your patients.

Live audit trail

Stay in control and informed of your patients’ care with a live audit trail of who has requested and viewed a summary medical record.

Any NHS professional can use Record View for free in Accurx.

View on any device

View a comprehensive summary of your patient’s GP medical record in seconds, on any device, with patient permission.

Get reliable patient information

Rely on up-to-date information about patient medication, allergies, investigations, imaging reports and more.

Keep for 24 hours

Maintain read-only access to record summaries for 24 hours.

Record View allows patients to permit sharing of a view-only summary of their GP medical record with another healthcare professional, for up to 24 hours.

Rely on informed care decisions

Ensure your care is informed of your medical history, whether you’re in the A&E, at a specialist referral appointment or a community care centre.

View records on any device

Feel confident knowing information on your GP medical record is handled in a secure process in line with guidance from the NHSX Health and Care IG Panel.

Get involved in your care journey

Take control of your medical history data and choose when you want to share it with a healthcare professional using Record View.

How it works

Send a request to a patient.
Get permission from the patient.
View the patient’s record.

Introducing Record View

What our users say about us

Record View has helped us to be better informed when making care decisions.
Ian Unitt, ADHD and Autism Specialist Nurse
Record View has been a huge boon and a massive safety improvement for the practice.
David Triska, GP Partner

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