Keeping your data safe.

Every day, NHS patients and healthcare professionals trust Accurx with very sensitive data. This brings an incredible responsibility - and one that we take incredibly seriously.

Our software aims to make patients healthier and healthcare staff happier. But that's only possible if you understand what data we process, why we process it and how it's used. It's not enough to ask you to trust us, we have to show that we are trustworthy.

Whatever your involvement in healthcare, below you can find out more about our data security and privacy policies. If you have a specific question in mind, you can also skip to our FAQs below.

Accurx is certified to NHS and government standards

The NHS and British Government set standards to make sure all organisations using health data keep it safe and use it ethically. We make sure Accurx meets these standards and lead by example for other healthtech companies to follow.

Certified by:

NHS digitalCyber Essentials PlusHM Government G-Cloud supplier

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How we use data

Data encryption

We encrypt all data, both when it is stored and when it is sent. That means the only people who can access it are you, your healthcare professional and anyone you authorise.

User input and insights

We’re passionate about listening to our users and are currently developing a patient panel to shape decisions on new technologies and data use.

Strong identity controls

We make sure the people who use our systems are the same professionals you trust to care for you. They must have verified NHS credentials.

A culture of data security

All Accurx staff complete security and information governance training when starting. We’re always monitoring our team’s understanding of data security to ensure best practice.

Safe and secure partners

We sometimes work with other organisations, for example, to store data securely in the cloud. Only those who meet our high standards become our partners.

A mission-driven approach

Everything we do with data is to improve people's health. All business decisions are guided by our mission and the NHS code of conduct for data-driven technology.


Accurx has a commitment to every patient whose data we store to keep it safe and secure. To find out more about how we use your data, take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Accurx has a commitment to every patient whose data we store to keep it safe and secure. To find out more about how we use your data, take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Our resources

Here, you can see all the key documents about Accurx and what we do with data.

Our information governance documents set out the promises we make about data, the agreements we have in place, and how we comply with the relevant laws and NHS rules and guidance.

Our security credentials show how we keep those promises, keep our systems secure, and keep your data safe.

Policies and Agreements

Security and Privacy Credentials

Record View resources

Here you can find everything you might want to know about our feature, Record View. This puts patients at the centre of their care, and helps to make sure their information can be shared with whoever's delivering care.

If you're a GP practice considering turning on Record View:

And for more detailed resources aimed at IG professionals:

Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

When using Accurx, it is up to the data controller (your organisation) to complete a DPIA. As a data processor, we cannot complete it for you. However, to be as helpful as we can, we have filled in the key parts of DPIA Templates for:


You can find more detailed information and support articles about the way we use data in our software in our dedicated support centre. These cover:

And articles about features of: