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Use accuRx Web to seamlessly communicate and receive medical information from your patients or other healthcare professionals. Free, simple and quick to use on any device.

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accuRx Web

Text Messaging

Send one-way SMS messages to patients.

Key features

Send advice at the end of a consultation
Let a patient know about normal test results
Send useful information before an appointment
Notify patients of normal results, e.g. blood tests

Video Consultations

No app required. Both patient and clinician can join a video call in a few simple steps.

Key features

Easily conduct remote consultations, no setup required
Secure and NHS Digital approved
Up to 4 people (so you can include an interpreter, carer, family member or another healthcare professional)

Digital documents

Securely send digital documents to patients. Save on time and postage.

Key features

Attach documents directly from your desktop,  available for 28 days
Send pre-appointment instructions (e.g. what do before an endoscopy)
Provide patients with digital advice leaflets
Send forms such as imaging request forms,  blood forms or clinic letters

What’s Next

We are always working on new additions to our products based on the needs and feedback from our users across the NHS. You can view a summary of what’s in the pipeline and let us know what we should prioritise next on our Public Roadmap.

Coming soon:

Record View will make it possible for healthcare professionals in Secondary and Community Care to easily view an instant summary of a patient’s GP record, with patient permission.