Case study: Batch Self-Book

Alexander House Surgery

In 2022, Alexander House Surgery started using our Booking functionality to improve the way they book appointments for routine tests, vaccinations and NHS health checks.
Within months, the team freed up phone lines and filled clinics – all while saving time and money.
Female patient with arm in cast uses phone to communicate with network of healthcare professionals

Context: life before Batch Self-Book

Before late 2022, Alexander House Surgery had no easy way of getting patients booked in for routine tests, annual reviews and vaccinations. To do this, staff sent a batch message to patients asking them to call the practice to book an appointment.
Staff found this stressful and inefficient, while patients often struggled to get through on phone lines. As a result of this time-consuming system, the team struggled to maximise clinical resource and deliver flu and COVID vaccinations within normal practice hours.

Before Batch Self-Book, phones would be ringing off the hook. Patients would experience waiting times of 45 minutes and queue outside to book their flu vaccination.

Patrick Denston, Practice Manager, Alexander House Surgery

In late 2022, the practice started using Accurx to...

Invite patients to Self-Book consultations and routine tests straight into their clinical appointment book

Get patients booked in for vaccinations (flu, COVID and shingles) quickly, without unnecessary admin time

Improve uptake of health checks, raising QOF scores to secure greater funding in the future

How are they using Batch Self-Book?

Every month, the team now send 400-500 Self-Book invites to patients in just a few clicks, inviting them for appointments such as blood tests, diabetes reviews and cervical screening. This gives patients a simple link to book themselves straight into the practice’s clinical appointment book at a convenient time and date.
If slots have been cancelled or are still available, the team sends follow-up invites to help fill unused capacity at late notice. The team can also track bookings in real time, which enables them to effectively plan clinical resource and avoid wasting time contacting patients who no longer need care.

It makes life easier for the reception team as patients are far less frustrated when trying to get through for urgent health matters.

Receptionist, Alexander House Surgery

Impact so far

Reduced call volumes

to practice phone lines, making receptionists’ lives easier

4x more health checks

delivered and increased uptake of smear tests, with empty slots filled at late notice

Six figure savings

estimated over three years in productivity, QOF/IIF incentives across the PCN

Phone lines freed up, clinics filled to capacity

  • In months, over 2,000 patients have been booked through this new system.
  • Appointment booking has cut call volumes and admin time, dramatically reducing the burden on the reception team.
  • QOF targets were easily achieved before the end of the year in 2022, including asthma, COPD and cervical screening. This freed up nursing capacity during the winter months to help with other system pressures.
  • The service delivered the same percentage of vaccinations as previously – but at much less cost in time and staff resource. Previously the practice had to hold 4-5 Saturday flu vaccination clinics. this was reduced to one clinic last year with Batch Self-Book. The service delivered around 1,500 vaccinations within practice hours, with minimal overtime.

Accurx is the most user-friendly piece of kit that we have. The time saved with sending out Self-Book links is incredible. The clinicians are really happy with it. Patients love it. Our Patient Participation group have all fed back positively. It gives them the flexibility of looking at a selection of convenient times. They’re not then sitting on the phone waiting to get through.

Patrick Denston, Practice Manager, Alexander House Surgery
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