Patient portal

Reduce waiting lists, together

Accurx’s patient-friendly portal includes all the information, appointment management and follow-up pathways needed for patients to manage their own care more effectively – helping your trust triage quickly and reduce backlogs to provide faster care.

Why use Accurx’s patient portal?

Patient engagement that relieves backlog and capacity challenges

Give patients a quick way to manage appointments, view information and make requests that can be easily triaged and resolved — without adding to the backlog.

Simple implementation so trusts can see impacts quickly

Have a quick impact on waiting list reduction and cost savings across your trust. Our dedicated team at Accurx works fast to integrate your systems onto our platform.

Trusted supplier helping the NHS increase capacity and save costs

Accurx is used by 98% of general practices and in over 50% of trusts — we help patients and healthcare teams coordinate care faster, simpler and cheaper.

Key benefits

Remove patients who no longer need to be seen, at scale

With a single message, you can identify patients who no longer need to be seen, at scale, and remove them from your waiting list.

Triage and prioritise patients quickly and seamlessly

Easily triage patient requests to manage incoming demand, prioritise and decide the most appropriate route of care for patients on one platform.

Resolve healthcare needs digitally

Use Accurx’s platform to deliver care outside of appointments, whether via online consultation, approving a request for a repeat prescription or offering guidance over SMS.

Reduce DNAs with a single touchpoint for patients to manage appointments

Batch message patients on your waiting list to confirm upcoming appointments and send clinical questionnaires or information. This lets your trust run clinics smoothly, and move patients through waiting lists efficiently.

Key features

Patients view their appointments surfaced from your PAS.
Patients can request to amend or cancel appointments.
Give patients a single point of contact to manage appointments.
Appointment letters and advice can be viewed by the patient when needed.
Provide locally curated information including maps and directions.
Communicate with patients quickly and at scale using simple text messaging and questionnaires.

Beyond portals: an end-to-end solution for elective recovery

Our patient portal is one part of Accurx's platform. Discover some of the other ways we offer trusts an end-to-end solution for elective recovery below.

Moving patients through clinics

Flexible appointment alternatives

Removing barriers to quick and tailored care

Quick, measurable impact

It was almost immediate: once we started Accurx messaging our DNA rate dropped to virtually zero.
Suren, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Accurx in secondary, community and mental health care