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Managing waiting lists with Accurx

Manage and cut down patient waiting lists to support elective recovery in your trust.

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Identify and remove patients who no longer need care.

  • Validate patients at scale and collect clinical information with quick and secure messaging.
  • Run digital patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) pathways to reduce follow-up frequency.
  • Enable patients to easily cancel or manage appointments to improve capacity and DNA rates.

Resolve healthcare needs remotely where appropriate.

  • Triage and resolve patient queries with faster advice and referrals in secure messaging.
  • Run remote consultations and virtual wards to provide personalised care.
  • View patients' GP records instantly with patient permission, to make more informed and effective care decisions.

Reduce costs and admin time spent on legacy systems.

  • Save hours on coordination and communication, leaving behind legacy systems, phone calls and letters.
  • Use an easy-to-use digital platform that can replace multiple systems and works right ‘out of the box’ or integrates with your clinical system.
  • Increase clinical safety, cut postage costs, and make data management easier.
  • Give patients a simple way to manage their appointments independently, in their own time.

Use our widely trusted, established platform.

  • Try the platform used by 98% of general practices and in over 50% of trusts.
  • Join Accurx users who have seen their DNAs rates drop to ‘virtually zero’.
  • Cut waiting lists as Accurx trust users have by 10%.
  • Integrate with any clinical system, join up services and see quick results.
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Why use Accurx?

Free to NHS

Accurx is designed to help improve communication in healthcare, and is provided free to the NHS.

Simple, fast and secure

Any healthcare professional can sign up to Accurx with NHS single sign-on and use it securely on any device – no downloads needed.

Informing care decisions

Quick communication and comprehensive patient information enhances quality and speed of care.

Making an impact

Recent research shows that sending simple SMS appointment reminders to outpatients can reduce DNA rates by 50%.
“It was almost immediate - once we started Accurx Patient Messaging, our DNA rate dropped to virtually zero.”
Suren, Paediatric Surgeon, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Before using Accurx, Medical Secretary Hannah at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital used to spend an hour per week confirming clinic appointments. With Accurx, this now takes her less than 7 minutes.