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Waitlist validation
with Accurx

When it comes to elective recovery, we've been called a ‘gamechanger’ by the NHS trusts who use our software.

Waitlist validation with Accurx is all about speed and simplicity – so that you can see results within days of first enquiry.
Get your free 4-step plan for elective recovery, and learn how to validate waitlists fast.

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Efficient elective recovery with Accurx

Week 1
Receive your bespoke plan, start using admin validation for waitlists and invite patients to your PIFU pathway

Week 7
Your RTT waitlists have been validated and you're cutting down the backlog

Week 10
Your follow-up appointment waitlists have been validated, and patient flow improved

Catch up on your waitlist validation by 31st Oct

Our limited time offer includes:
  • Immediate access to waitlist validation and patient communication – no lengthy implementation process or integration required for essential admin validation.
  • Bespoke plan for your trust in 1 week – we'll provide the elective recovery plan for your trust in time for the 30th September deadline, and support you throughout with our outstanding support and implementation.
  • Easy to use tools, with quick results – our platform is simple enough that admin and clinical teams can get started without lengthy training, and monitor patient replies in an intuitive inbox and dashboard design.
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Accurx helps your NHS trust to...

Prioritise and cut waiting lists so you can reduce backlogs and waiting times
Improve patient flow with faster A&G, triage, validation and remote care options
Improve appointment attendance
with quick SMS messaging

1. Prioritise and cut waiting lists.

  • Validate your RTT and follow-up patients at scale with quick and secure messaging to hit the validation goal by October 31st.
  • Invite eligible patients onto patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) pathways to reduce follow-up frequency.
  • Improve DNA rates and same-day cancellations with instant and effortless patient communication.

2. Improve patient flow.

  • Triage and resolve patient queries with faster advice (A&G) and referrals with secure instant messaging.
  • Run remote consultations and virtual wards to provide personalised care that saves patients and clinicians time.
  • View patients' GP records instantly with patient permission, to make more informed and effective care decisions.

3. Improve patient attendance.

  • Send quick appointment reminders to patients' phones to reduce DNA rates significantly.
  • Easily send pre-procedural information by SMS to reduce on-the-day cancellations.
  • Get better understanding of root causes for DNAs and cancellations in your patient populations, so that you can deploy tailored action plans to mitigate them.
  • Give patients a simple way to manage their appointments independently and in their own time, without waiting on busy phone lines.

4. Use proven tools on a platform trusted by the NHS.

  • Accurx is used by 98% of general practices and in 68% of NHS trusts.
  • Accurx users have seen their DNAs rates drop to ‘virtually zero’ using patient messaging.
  • Accurx recently helped a large NHS trust reduce their waiting list by 20,000 patients.
  • Accurx provides tailored services for Further Faster, GIRFT and other NHS elective recovery programmes.
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In just a few months, we’ve seen significant results and we’re already starting to explore new areas where SMS messaging can bring further benefits to our Trust.

Siobhan Favier, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, University Hospitals of Leicester

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