Benefits of Chain SMS

1. Simplify patient communication
Chain provides a quick, direct line of contact between staff and patients. Staff don't have to keep calling a patient who doesn't pick up, or processing letters that may not reach a patient for weeks. Patients no longer have to chase their practice or healthcare professional, sit in the phone queue to get through or wait for a letter to arrive.
"Cuts out process and steps in getting information from doctor to patient about results, appointment and medication changes"
2. Increase uptake on invites
Chain SMS practices have found their patients are much more likely to respond to an invite if sent via text. They've reported increases in uptake of invites for screening, reviews and vaccinations amongst other invites.
"We have noticed a significant improvement in the number of patients attending for medication reviews as a result of receiving a text message as opposed to adding a message to their prescription when it is issued."
3. Reduce phone calls and tasks
Patients get the information they need proactively, meaning they don't have to repeatedly call their practice or healthcare professional. As clinicians can contact patients directly, fewer communication tasks are sent through to reception and admin. Using Chain also means clinicians can reduce the calls they make to patients, many of which often go unanswered as patients are unable to pickup.
"We have significantly cut down on the number of phone calls that our reception staff need to make to patients. Patient feedback on receiving SMS messages has been very positive."
4. Provide patients with advice easily
Chain provides clinicians with the ability to send advice leaflets and other resources direct to their patients. Receiving in digital form over paper means the patient is less likely to lose the advice they were given and can access it easily again in future.
"So helpful to send links and information to pts - even if they are sitting in front of you"
5. Save everyone's time
In addition to saving time on phone calls and tasks, practices have freed up appointments. Patients are also no longer having to chase their practice or spend time sitting in a phone queue waiting to get through to reception.
"Saved 30 + appts a week by texting results - previously had a telephone appt. Reception also saved another 30 calls by not having to phone patients when GP or nurse needs to pass on a message."
6. Save money (and the environment)
Chain SMS is free to use so you can communicate with your patients for no cost to the practice. Being less dependent on post means practices are reducing spending on paper and postage!
"We have reduced our postage by £100 a month"