Case study:

Ivy Medical Group

Total triage: Building a more responsive triage system, loved by patients and staff

Since May 2023, the 6,700 patients of the Ivy Medical Group in Nottingham have enjoyed shorter waiting times, enhanced access and a much more responsive service.
Their story shows how, with the right planning and buy-in, total triage can dramatically improve patient satisfaction and staff morale.
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Impact at a glance:

50% shorter 
waiting times

5 minute increase in appointment time

On-the-day access is 
now the norm

Context: ‘Sorry, no more appointments’

Before moving to total triage in May 2023, patient frustration was at an all time high at the Ivy Medical Group. All available appointment slots would be gone by 8:15am each day. The 6,700 patients covered by the practice struggled to access services and potentially experienced worsening health conditions as a result.

The practice managed demand on a first-come-first-served basis, often asking patients who got in touch to call back the next day or sending them for urgent care. This put a lasting strain on the reception team who had to navigate difficult conversations with patients.

Once we had a look at Accurx, we realised it’s just really easy to use. [Since moving to total triage] the reception team feel happier coming into work because they don't have to say that there aren’t any appointments any more. Managing patient requests is way easier.

Mel, Practice Manager, Ivy Medical Group

In May 2023 everything changed...

Following updates to the GP Contract, Ivy Medical Group decided to move to a system of total triage in May 2023. Their aims were simple: streamline the appointment process, relieve frustrations and improve patient access. They turned to Accurx as their total triage solution, citing our simple, user-friendly platform, our online resources and expert support service.

Here’s how Ivy Medical Group moved to total triage:


The practice scheduled a six-week launch phase to prepare staff and patients for the upcoming changes. Reception, administration and clinical teams came together to plan future capacity needs and design a workflow that reduced complexity and improved efficiency.


Staff used protected learning time to hold focus groups and workshops to help staff understand how their roles might change. As well as clarifying roles and responsibilities in the practice, the team used Accurx training videos for practical information.


The team held patient participation groups to gather insights and improve buy-in. They placed a much-needed emphasis on reassurance for patients, assuring them that traditional contact routes would still remain available when needed.


They launched all in one go on a scheduled date. This helped to prevent confusion in the practice and ensured patient communication was as clear as possible.

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How the team’s total triage system works


A patient gets in touch with the practice in-person, over the phone or online.


The patient is asked to submit a Patient Triage form using a URL link, if they haven’t already.


The patient completes the requestor goes through the form with a receptionist if they’re unable to themself.


All patient requests flow into one triaging inbox with shared visibility for the whole team.


The reception team assign requests to GPs, pharmacists and other clinicians with the guidance of the triage doctor.


The GP lets the patient Self-Book an appointment if one is needed, which can be delivered by phone, video or in-person.

What’s the impact been?

Waiting times have halved

for routine appointments to around two weeks

Appointment time has gone up

from 10 to 15 minutes due to the freed up capacity

Quicker to spot red flags

such as cancer symptoms as clinicians have full oversight

On-the-day access is the norm

now for patient requests that need same-day attention

Since moving to total triage, staff are enjoying far better job satisfaction, more manageable workloads, more face-to-face time with patients and a safer working structure. Meanwhile, receptionists express relief at the reduction in tension at the front desk.

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Patients are loving the new system

It’s fantastic compared to what we had before, which was waiting for weeks to get an appointment or couldn't get through. It's been a revelation. It is the future.

Tracy, patient and PPG member

It’s a very straight forward form to fill in.

Patient (2023 survey)

I’m really pleased with the new system. Thanks for taking on board the patient's thoughts and creating a more workable solution for patients.

Patient, (2023 survey)

The questions were straightforward and the responses could be in my own words, not just a tick box

Patient (2023 survey)

I filled the form in, attaching a photograph of a burn on my arm. Two hours later, I got a response from the GP. He sent some antibiotics to my pharmacy and said let's review it in a week or so. If I'd been waiting on the phone, the burn would have gone bad far before anything had been done about it.

Bob, patient and PPG member, who has been with practice for 30 years

Older patients have particularly taken to the new system

With Accurx’s digitally inclusive triage system, the practice has seen high uptake from older patients, improving their access and freeing up phone lines for those who need them most.