Chain SMS Features

The after installing the basic version, you can unlock extra features for your practice:

Unlockable Features

Custom Templates 
Allows you to create and save message templates. 
🔐 How to unlock: You can either refer other practices to use Chain or put your CCG or Federation in touch with us. If your CCG or Federation promote us by sending out an email and agreeing to demo us at a meeting, we'll unlock the template features for everyone in your area.
Practice Sender ID
Allows you to change the name the text messages appear from (i.e. from accuRx to your practice name). You can see how to do this here
🔐 How to unlock: 10 users at your practice have sent 5 texts each. This feature will then switch on automatically. To track your users and texts sent click on your toolbar menu, go to "Manage Practice" and click "Team Usage". 
This lets you send a schedule of delayed messages.
🔐 How to unlock: Your CCG will need to be funding text messages sent by your practice via their existing SMS contract. We're a small team, so will need you to help champion this with the CCG. For more info on how you can do this, please click here.